Our pastor or elders can help you work with theological questions, personal problems, or prayer.
Mail address:
Marshall Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 727
Marshall, NC 28753
Church Phone:
(828) 649-3622
Reverend Upchurch can be contacted through e-mail: 

Request prayer

Requests for prayer can be shared during church service times, by mail, phone, or email.

Seeking answers? Seeking fellowship?

Stop in after church or call to talk to a pastor or elder about the Christian faith, Presbyterian church, or fellowship opportunities.

Receiving care

Marshall Presbyterian Church offers emergency pastoral care and care from members of our session.

Emergency pastoral care

Examples of emergencies include death, illness (including hospital visit requests), marital crises, domestic violence, child abuse or other personal crises.

What is the Session?

The session, a group of men and women nominated and elected into the office by the Marshall Presbyterian Church members, works to express in practical ways Christ's command to all believers to love our neighbor as ourselves. We offer help to those in crisis or challenging situations by assessing their needs and working together to find solutions.

Called elders, these members are responsible for teaching the Gospel, administering healing prayer, and overseeing the church, as well as extending mercy and compassion. Our purpose is to show God's love to those in difficult circumstances by working together with them to resolve their struggles. We aim to be facilitators of the work God is doing in their lives.
Depending on the circumstances, we may provide social, emotional and physical, as well as financial support. We also strive to link individuals to the broader Christian community, in the hopes that they will feel Christ's love long beyond their experience seeking help (Deuteronomy 15:7-11; James 2:12-16; Acts 2:44,45).