Thursday, May 28, 2020

Madison Arts Council Invites You to Make a Paper Crane for Healing!

From the Madison Arts Council:

This Coronavirus pandemic has wounded our nation – we have fears and concerns, sadness and pain and we’re all trying to deal with these alone.  We can’t all be together now, but we are still a strong community with a desire to come out of this difficult time stronger and more connected.

There is a Japanize tradition called Senbazuru.  The tradition believes that the making of 1.000 paper origami cranes will grant you a wish.  A little Japanese girl by the name of Sadako developed leukemia from radiation caused by the American bombing of Hiroshima began making the cranes while she was sick and became the inspiration for the global 1,000 Cranes Peace Project.

There is much that our Madison County community wishes for during this difficult time.  We wish to be able to join together as a real community again; that the virus will go away; for health and economic security, a return to the beauty, art, music, and all the things that make our Madison County home so special. Join your Madison County friends and neighbors as we create this wish by making 1,000 paper cranes.

Take a pack of paper and sit down – alone or with your family – and talk about your wishes.  Write them down on your cranes if you like.  Express yourself; make art with them.  You are welcome to use any 6” x 6” paper you like.  Click the link  to access a good YouTube instructional video on how to make the cranes. 

Then, drop the finished cranes at the following locations BY JUNE 15:

Mars Hill:  TJ’s Mountain Market, 607 Carl Eller Road, 822-689-8343; Contact = Tina;  The Library Coffee House, 40 N. Main Street, 828-680-1246; Contact = Camden

Marshall:  Zuma Coffee, 10 N. Main Street, 828-206-1617; Contact = Joel; Madison Natural Foods, 101 N. Main Street, 828-649-2100; Reclaim Madison, 25 Bridge Street; 828-649-0100; Contact = John;

Lobby of the Bowman Building (next door to Indigo Prophet), 74 South Main Street, 678-358-8400 (it’s open all the time); Contact = Deb.

Hot Springs: Sara Jo’s Station, 39 NW US 25/70; 828-622-7575; Contact = Sarajo; Gentry Hardware, 124 Bridge Street, 828-622-3761; Contact = Jeanne; Vaste Riviere Provisions, 158 Bridge Street, 828-777-9379; Contact = Danny.

The Arts Council will gather all the cranes and combine them into a lovely work of art to display in the window of the Madison Arts Council building on Main Street in downtown Marshall.  The goal of the project is to join our  wishes with those of other communities worldwide for all to heal and move forward together.  Thank you for participating!

From Rev. Melissa:  You can write a prayer for healing instead of a wish.  Let’s take part in God’s work in the world!